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Hutan Subur

Eco-Tourism, Education, Conservation, Sustainability

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Stay in the sights and sounds of the Jungle, with orangutans, rivers and caves all within walking distance!


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We now partner with Sumatra Adventure Holidays to bring you the best tours, stays, trips and staff – Bookings are handled by their excellent team.

  • Enjoy access to the best guides, drivers, staff and destinations.
  • Relax knowing we organise the most ethical jungle visits that directly fund Jungle rehabilitation and protection projects with direct conservation foundation links – like to Hutan Subur!
  • The best prices, fast replies to emails and trusted services.

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Featured Projects And Initiatives

Adopt a Tree

With simple bamboo signs or our new Wood resin-treated weatherproofed sign, your tree can be dedicated to anyone, found and remembered on your next visit!

Adopt a Block

A donation to adopt a block of Hutan Subur funds the next part of our ‘Jungle Highway’ – ensuring that Orangutans and People can co-exist. We map out and reforest or block; you can visit it anytime!

Introduction To Hutan Subur

Our Goal:

“Hutan Subur is dedicated to creating an eco-tourism experience that promotes forest conservation and wildlife conservation in the border area of Genung Lesuer national park. Our projects include sustainable forestry of native species, permacultural food production, sustainable accommodation and consumption, and initiatives to improve the local community, such as youth and language education, agricultural education, and employment opportunities in tourism, building, and service sectors. We also partner with conservation and education-focused enterprises to further our mission.”

Volunteer With Us!

Volunteering at Hutan Subur in Indonesia is a chance to positively impact the environment and local communities through sustainable land use practices, community development, and ecosystem restoration. Volunteers gain valuable experience in conservation work and learn about local culture and traditional knowledge related to environmental conservation.