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About Hutan Subur

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  • Who are we?
  • Location
  • The Hutan Subur Mission Statement
  • Our Focus – The Big Six
  • Our Team
  • Our Partnerships

Who Are We?

Hutan Subur Conservation is part of Peduli Linkungan Untuk Anak (PLUA) Indonesian Yayasan/Foundation), and Care Sumatra (An Australian NGO). Hutan Subur covers an area of two hectares bordering the Gunung Leuser National Park in North Sumatra.


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Hutan Subur Mission Statement

“Hutan Subur is dedicated to creating an eco-tourism experience that promotes forest conservation and wildlife conservation in the border area of Genung Lesuer national park. Our projects include sustainable forestry of native species, permacultural food production, sustainable accommodation and consumption, and initiatives to improve the local community, such as youth and language education, agricultural education, and employment opportunities in tourism, building, and service sectors. We also partner with conservation and education-focused enterprises to further our mission.”

Our Focus – The Big Six

The Big Six is a set of core principles that guide the mission of Hutan Subur, a foundation committed to conservation and sustainable development in Indonesia. The Big Six principles include:

  • Conservation
  • Ecotourism
  • Education
  • Permaculture
  • Advancement Of Local People
  • Forestry

The foundation is dedicated to protecting the environment and the animals in the area and promoting social awareness of conservation issues in the Indonesian rainforests. Hutan Subur aims to build a successful forest-friendly eco-lodge business to fund its conservation projects, expand its conservation efforts, and foster collaborative relationships with others who share its goals. Additionally, the foundation is committed to developing an ecotourism industry that benefits the local economy and environment while educating people about the benefits of permaculture and sustainable farming practices.


Our Team

Lourens Viljoen

Co-Director – Hutan Subur

Site Manager


Karl-Heinz Schradt

Co-Director – Hutan Subur

Jaka Sayaputra

Yayasan Chairman / Director Sumatra Adventure Holidays


Care-taker / Security

Our Partnerships

  • Sumatra Adventure Holidays

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