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Activities for Our Guests!

We use fully qualified guides who do not touch or feed animals and follow a strict code of conduct to ensure we respect the jungle and keep wild animals wild. We expect all our volunteers and guests to do the same for the health and safety of wildlife and people. Please support us to help protect our Wildlife Buffer Zone! All net proceeds are reinvested in our conservation projects. It would be greatly appreciated if you would support our guides, conservation projects, and community activities.

Our onsite and off-site activities are supplied by our trusted and highly-rated partners at Sumatra Adventure Holidays. (prices on their website)

Short Activities

Donate/Plant a Tree at Hutan Subur

You can be a part of helping us restore the Orangutan habitat in Hutan Subur! A one-time donation per tree with proceeds back into a conservation program to maintain your tree. We will send you an Adoption Certificate and update you on its progress!

Cooking and Shared Dinner with Muta

Enjoy traditional rice cooking in the evening. Prepare and cook rice in the conventional style of bamboo over a fire.

Traditional Dance Lesson

Experience the beauty and grace of Indonesian dance with our lessons – a fun and engaging way to learn new skills while discovering Indonesia’s rich culture and traditions. Join us now for an unforgettable journey into the world of Indonesian dance.

Adopt a Block – Inquires welcomed.

Adopt your very own piece of rainforest by Donating to Buy Land! You can help protect the rainforest in the Hutan Subur/Batu Kapal buffer zone by donating to help us buy land piece by piece, metre by metre, to save it from clearance for palm oil and rubber plantations. We will send you a certificate with a photo and GPS location of the land you helped our Foundation buy to lock away the land for conservation forever!

Traditional Massage

USD 30 Per Person

As part of local culture, massages combat colds, relieve pain, and relax. The masseuse will come to the project site from the village. 


Stone Carving Demonstration and Lesson

Collect your stone from the river and learn how to make your pendant with Teddy, a team member!

Art Lesson to Make Your Own Batik Shirt

(Approximately 2 Hours)

Fishing Indonesian Style

Totally Wild Buffer Zone Jungle Treks.

Join One of Our Unique Wildlife Buffer Zone Activities. These Activities Are Not Offered Anywhere Else!

Monitoring Walks with Batu Kapal Volunteers

Go for a walk around the Hutan Subur project site and assist with monitoring the wild orangutans found on the routes. There are many different routes, so each walk can be different, and there are often orangutans on the way!

4-Hour Jungle River Trek

Trek to Local Swimming Hole Along the River, Swimming Along the Way with a Snack.

Day Jungle Trek

Trek Along River with Swimming Along the Way, Lunch Included.

Rock Scrambling, Open Caving Adventure

Rock Scrambling, Open Caving Adventure at Batu Kapal Cave.

Guided Tour of the Market

Approximately 2 hours. Guided Tour of the Local Fruit, Vegetable, and Rubber Market.

Village and Rice Fields Tour

By Motorbike: 3-hour tour of the villages and rice fields, visit cottage industries such as rice hilling and drying, palm sugar, tofu, and bamboo weaving (depending on what’s happening on the day).

Ranger for a Day!

Join our ranger team to patrol the Gunung Leuser National Park border in the Batu Kapal buffer zone area for 4 to 5 hours, looking for traps and snares, evidence of wild animals, and maybe even tiger footprints! 100% of the net proceeds of this ranger patrol are used to support the trainee ranger program and assist farmers in diffusing wildlife and orangutan conflict situations in non-harmful ways.

Overnight Trek from Batu Kapal to Batu Katak

Our treks start directly from the Hutan Subur and take you deep into the wild parts of the National Park. You don’t need to return to Bukit Lawang to start your trek.

We offer 1, 2, and 3-day jungle treks from Batu Kapal to Adi Back camp and Batu Gajah camp in the National Park. Please note that the National Parks and Guide Association sets all trekking rates in the park and are in Euros.

1-Day Trek (6 Hours)

  • Without tube rafting
  • With tube rafting

2-Day Trek

  • Without tube rafting
  • With tube rafting

3-Day Trek

  • Without tube rafting
  • With tube rafting

At the end of the trek, there is an additional charge of 10 Euros Per Person for tube rafting back to Bukit Lawang. You will be paired with other people if you are a solo traveller. We also offer longer treks of 4 to 6 days. Please contact us for pricing information.

River Walk to Selang Pangeran Waterfall.

Follow the Landak River to Selang Pangeran Village, taking in the changing scenery of plantations and villages. Take a dip in the river and relax. An Easy 2 – 2.5 hour walk one way. (Fitness average), returning at 5 pm by motorbike. 

River Trek to Batu Kapal Waterfall.

Follow the Landak River to the Batu Kapal Waterfall, exploring the river and taking in the changing scenery of plantations and the rainforest. Dip in the river, relax, have a waterfall massage, and enjoy your jungle lunch!  

Overnight Wild Elephant Tracking at Batu Rongring.

Note: Offered when the wild elephant herd is in the buffer zone – During this overnight wild elephant tracking adventure, you will join the team looking for evidence of wild elephants, searching for their tracks and scats, hoping to catch a glimpse of the herd! Includes transport, activity, tent, guides and food while on an expedition) 

A Full-Day Trip by Jeep To Batu Rongring To The 47M Circumference Tree!

Lunch included. This 1-day adventure includes trekking to a giant tree known in the area, exploring the vertical caves and wading through the river canyon on the way back. Includes Park permits, activity, qualified guides, lunch and transport. 

This is a full-day trip by jeep to Porli Village to visit Santa’s reforestation, tree planting, children’s English class and recycling projects. Learn about and participate in Santa’s nursery, tree planting program and the tyre bin recycling project in his local village. If there is enough time, help local children learn English at Dream Class (on certain days). Includes activities, lunch and transport. 

Glugur Hot Springs Day Trip by 4WD 

Includes lunch. Next to the tranquil National Park border, relax in the river fed by warm volcanic waters. Find river stones to do your natural face painting and face masks! Includes activity, qualified guides, lunch and transport. 

Day Trip to Visit Rafflesia Arnoldii or Amorphophallus titanium. The Record Giant Flower!

Note: when in season. People in the cloud forests in Sumatra have only found these gigantic flowers! Includes Park permits, activity, qualified guides, lunch and transport.  

Batcave Half-Day Adventure.

Your guide will meet you at Batu Kapal and walk with you to the bat cave, where a local guide will show you the chambers of the caves that are home to all sorts of mysterious wildlife, such as Bats and insects that live in the shelters! If you have a head torch, take one). On the way back, explore and have lunch on the Landak River before returning to Batu Kapal.  

Learn How to Upcycle Plastic into Bags and Purses!

Our founder Sue taught Rosita, a local lady in the Market, to show you how to upcycle plastic by crocheting and knitting waste plastic to sell! Have a go at making your own! A possible activity to do if you visit Friday Market.  

Full-Day Trip By Jeep To Wash The Elephants At Tangkahan

A locally run tourist attraction solves previous community-elephant conflict with crop raiding. 

3-Hour Motor Bike Tour of The Villages and Rice Fields Tour

Visit cottage industries, rice hulling and drying, palm sugar, tofu, and bamboo weaving! Rubber tubing on the Bohorok River. (USD 25 Per Person. Plus $6 US per motorbike each way. Min 3). From downstream in Bukit Lawang, enjoy a mix of low-level rapids and calm currents as you leisurely float down on a rubber tube raft taking in the scenic border of the National Park! Look out for monkeys, hornbills, orangutans, and gibbons that sometimes hang out at the forest edge!