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Adopt a Block

Adopt a Block Sumatra

“Adopt a Block” is an initiative by Hutan Subur to protect Sumatra’s “Jungle Highway”, which links Batu Kapal/Hutan Subur’s orangutan habitats to the Gunung Leuser National Park, securing land at risk of becoming palm plantations or non-conservation friendly uses. The project aims to create a sustainable solution to protect the national park’s ecosystem, increase employment of locals in eco-tourism and eco-business, and support sustainable tourism and economic development.

The Jungle Highway

Amount raised so far:

$ 0.00

Adopt a block today!

For a USD 250 donation, you can adopt a block of Hutan Subur, which will extend the Jungle Highway and improve the block by planting native plants. You’ll also be listed as a benefactor on the website and have the choice of wording on a waterproof sign.

The breakdown of the funds is as follows:

  • USD 20 for signage
  • USD 20 for administration, marking and working on your block
  • $210 for extending the Jungle Highway.

As a benefactor, you’ll be kept updated on the progress of your contribution through social media posts about the improvements made to the block.

Block Name Availability/Donor
Ular KobraAvailable
This is a map of the first blocks available; you can pick your block and change the name after adoption.