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Programme Coordinator (Volunteer)


  • Support various programs to improve the lives and environment of local people in Sumatra.
  • Stay at our beautiful house in the rainforest, surrounded by some of the world’s most unique wildlife.
  • Support the development and running of guest and volunteer accommodations at our site.
  • Coordinate educational programs with support from local teachers, staff and volunteers.
  • Coordinate waste programs in collaboration with staff and volunteers
  • Support forestry and sustainable farming projects in partnership with staff and volunteers
  • Gain experience in managing multiple projects and accommodations.
  • Supports the Manager in achieving Hutan Subur’s ‘Big Six’ Goals


We have an opportunity for someone interested in a varied role to coordinate all programs currently running or developing at our beautiful site in the Sumatran jungle, Hutan Subur. Our programs include afterschool education, forestry, sustainable farming, waste and litter and accommodation for guests and volunteers at our site. You will be supported by four Indonesian staff members and any volunteers in individual roles.
Some of the specific tasks will include:

To develop structure at the site and implement methods to increase comfort, relationships, safety, productivity and enjoyment of Hutan Subur. For example:

  • Guest book
  • Timetables
  • A scrapbook or folder of current projects
  • Developing guidance/how-tos about seed collection, gardening, composting, etc.
    Managing volunteers at Hutan Subur
    Orientates volunteers to the facilities, such as:
  • Location of rooms, meal times.
  • Safety issues include informing others about going out or drinking boiled or treated water.
  • Reminders volunteers of expected behaviour if required.

Management of volunteer activities:

  • Creates and maintains timetables for volunteers.
  • Publishes timetables in the house, explaining as required.
  • Monitor the completion of volunteer tasks.
  • Updates timetables as required due to weather, lack of resources or need.

Assist in tasks associated with guests.

  • Assist in the preparation of the house and appropriate room(s)
  • Communicate with guests to acknowledge the date of arrival if required.
  • Orientation to power limitations, water safety, and locking of rooms when out
  • Help with connection to guides and transport.
  • Help with organising meals, such as food requests or preferences with staff.

Monitor and coordinate the regular completion of tasks and maintenance around the property.

  • Monitor that Staff complete tasks daily such as cooking, cleaning, airing out rooms and washing when needed.
  • Monitor the monthly tasks that require completion, such as checking for and filling insect holes in wood.
  • When there is a problem that staff need to be outsourced (such as generator repair or building), the Coordinator ensures that a suitable plan, such as the date of repair and satisfactory completion of work, occurs.
  • Ensures that payment for external workers is arranged through liaison with the Australian managers.

Developing links to other NGOs, service providers, locals, and partnerships

  • Act as a communication link between groups and people such as Trash Bank, transport, guides, teachers, schools etc.
  • Liaison with TrashBank regarding collaborative programs.
  • Liaison with teachers and schools if volunteers are present at a lesson.
  • Liaison with guides for volunteer or guest excursions
  • liaison with transport, such as motorbike drivers
  • Liaison with potential partnerships and future networks, NGOs and customers/ guests.

Development of current projects

  • Such as TrashBank collaborations and forestry projects.
  • Work with TrashBank to deliver ‘Pop up’ collection points and assist in implementing new education and forestry projects.
  • Provide feedback on events.
  • Document event plans, resources and contacts to replicate and improve circumstances.

Development of New Projects

  • Connect with other permaculture/ forestry/ education/ waste projects to collaborate within Indonesia or reach out to organisations outside Indonesia for tools like machines, business ideas etc.
  • Develop possible avenues for new projects.
  • Conduct essential records of ideas, pros and cons, possible plans, and contacts.
  • Document ideas so that future staff and volunteers benefit.

Assist with media and promotion.

  • Create social media posts and other media of projects and initiatives at Hutan Subur.
  • Network and connect with our partners. For example, Education or Waste Foundations.
  • Seek volunteers and possible guests.
  • Liaison with possible donors and patrons
  • Networking and connections with people who wish to donate, adopt a tree or express interest in the Jungle Highway project.
  • Build a positive reputation/profile for Care Sumatra, Hutan Subur and Batu Kapal.

Collect and file expenses.

  • Monitor expenses (such as running costs of Hutan Subur and associated programs)
  • Collect and file receipts in the Staff Room Office.

The coordinator position is very self-managed in terms of a typical day, but the day may look like the following:

7.00 – 8.00 am Assist staff in preparing breakfast and assist volunteers and or guests with their daily plans or activities.

9.00 – 10.00 am Manage Indonesian staff with the completion of tasks associated with housekeeping and maintenance.

11.00 – 1.00 pm travel with staff to meet stakeholders to discuss programs or conduct some research/surveys to support tasks required to be completed.

1.00 pm Lunch

2.00 – 4.30 pm Answer guest or volunteer enquiries, assist in creating social media posts or research promotional or funding opportunities.

6.30 pm Dinner

In the evening, volunteers share their experiences during the day, play cards or games, relax, and read a book.