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Donate to Our Education Projects

Donations Fund our Education Programs.

Our teachers each receive a monthly salary of 750k Rupiah (AUD 75) for teaching 4 hours per week. All our writing books, printing, pencils, tables and buildings are also funded through donations.

Getting hold of reading books is not easy or affordable for the average Indonesian, so we also aim to create at least one library at the Jungle School full of English and Indonesian books. We wish to have books for a range of interests and all students from the youngest to age three to those about to graduate from High School.

  • Donations over two dollars are tax-deductible in Australia through CareSumatra Inc.
  • As volunteers manage the funds, 100% of your money goes to the programs; we do not take any for administration fees.
  • The School is free for students and often assists children who are behind in literacy skills.

Selecting From One Of The Donation Options:

Don’t Forget – You Can Visit Our Schools and See The Good You Did!