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Orangutan Trek 3 nights 2 days



Motorcycle from Bukit Lawang to Hutan Subur Guest House and return at the

2 Nights in the Dorm Room at Hutan Subur, which includes meals

2 Days trekking in Gunung Leseur National Park with one night staying at the jungle camp

Embark on an unforgettable adventure as you ride through the jungle on a motorcycle from Bukit Lawang to Hutan Subur Guest House. Spend a night in a cozy 4 bedroom dorm, nestled amidst the forest. Fuel up with a delicious breakfast and set off on a thrilling trek into Gunung Leseur National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, for two days. Marvel at the stunning native flora and fauna as you follow your knowledgeable English-speaking guide. Retreat to a jungle camp for a night’s rest before returning to Hutan Subur for a refreshing shower, a delectable dinner, and a comfortable bed. Wake up to a satisfying breakfast and bid farewell to the forest as you head back to Bukit Lawang, recharged and filled with incredible memories.

Begin your trip with a motorcycle ride into the jungle from Bukit Lawang to Hutan Subur Guest house. Here you will spend one night in our comfortable 4 bedroom dorm in the forest. When you wake up and have your breakfast at the guest house, you can start your trek straight into the jungle.

Trek into the UNESCO World Heritage Gunung Leseur National Park for 2 days, spending your night at the jungle camp. Here you can expect to see much native flora and fauna while following your English-speaking guide.

At the end of your trek, return to Hutan Subur for a warm shower, dinner and a comfortable bed before waking up to breakfast and head back to Bukit Lawang after some relaxation in the forest.


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