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Jungle School

In 2015, we raised money to build a small classroom to hold free English lessons for the local children in the afternoons after school. Since then, our classes have expanded, and we now provide English education to the local children and families in a few remote villages of North Sumatra.

Our classes are focused on English and environmental education, including climate change and nature conservation. As part of our education program, we teach children how to care for nature and our planet. We take them to local eco-farming sites to teach them about composting and making biogas. 

On November 17th, 2020, our jungle school at Selang Pangeran in Sumatra washed away in flood. The Landak River rose between 5 and 10 metres overnight. Thankfully everyone was safe. However, much damage has been done to many homes, guesthouses and our precious school.

Thankfully through the generous support from many of our followers, we have been able to build a new school, but help is always needed.

Gotong Royong Sunshine Class

In July 2019, we started free English and Indonesian lessons for approximately 40 homeless children who live behind the Gotong Royong market, many of whom can not afford school. We wish to give those children a brighter future.

Now that Co-vid is over, we welcome new volunteers to help with our lessons!

Please support our Sunshine Class; as of April 2023, our significant issues are the water supply not working correctly and the roof leaking.