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Hutan Subur conservation efforts: At Hutan Subur, conservation means:

  • Protecting the environment and the animals living in our area.
  • Assisting Batu Kapal in monitoring endangered species, such as orangutans.
  • Planting and cultivating food sources for local animals.
  • Encouraging social awareness of conservation issues in the Indonesian rainforests.

Penduli Lingkungan Untuk Anak (PLUA) properties form a protected buffer section that will be safeguarded now and in the future. We aim to expand the foundation’s property to create a link to the park and preserve the area around Batu Kapal and Hutan Subur.

What Is Our Action Plan for Conservation?

Preserving the natural heritage of our area:

  • Removing or reducing problem trees and planting trees that support native wildlife, such as Ficus, native and fruiting trees.
  • Purchasing plantlings and saplings and maintaining our own nursery.
  • Seeking funding for our goal by seeking sponsorship for our trees through the ‘Adopt a Tree Program’.

Locking in more land for the preservation of animal habitat:

  • Hutan Subur and Care Sumatra aim to expand our Jungle highway and buffer area to connect and bridge to the national park.
  • Seeking funding for our goal by seeking sponsorship for land conservation with our ‘Sponsor a Rante’ Program, where people can sponsor a part of Hutan Subur. The net proceeds will be used to buy new land for conservation and connect to the national park.

Building a successful forest-friendly eco-lodge business to fund our projects:

  • Training, employing, and building a great staff.
  • Building a popular and successful eco-lodge business.
  • Establishing a reputation as a place where volunteers can make a difference and have fun.
  • Keeping our land forested with forest-friendly species.
  • Keeping our land animal-friendly to Jungle species.
  • Generating enough income from visitors and producing plantlings, food, and other outputs to employ locals and keep running.

Building trusting and genuine relationships with those who can and want to help us:

  • Sourcing donations and purchasing future allotments through our ‘Sponsor a Jungle Block’ initiative.
  • Funding the planting of trees through our ‘Adopt a Tree’ Program.
  • Reporting back on key performance indicators:
    • Reporting on how many adopted trees, we have planted.
    • Reporting on how much funds we have raised to extend our Jungle Highway project.
  • Liaising and working with other projects in the area.

Hutan Subur is committed to expanding its conservation efforts by protecting its land and wildlife, building sustainable businesses to support these initiatives, and fostering collaborative relationships with others who share these goals.


Volunteer Conservation Tasks

  • Planting seeds and growing the future jungle
  • Planting trees and bamboo as part of the Conservation Wildlife Biolink Project
  • Attracting snakes, monkeys, birds, and other wildlife
  • Controlling pests and diseases
  • Marking out sections of land for the Sponsor a Rante program
  • Emailing people invites to sponsor a tree.