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Library Coordinator


Educational outcomes in Rural Indonesia are amongst the poorest in the country, combined with the overall rank of education at 50th globally. CareSumatra runs and supports several after-school educational programs to improve outcomes for participating students. A lack of available reading materials and a lack of understanding of the importance of reading has been identified as contributing factors to poor literacy outcomes. Libraries are not available for those in the smaller villages, and even schools have limited reading materials.

Filling this gap is the focus of our library’s coordinator, initially focusing on developing an understanding of the importance and love of reading amongst the students and teachers of our afterschool programs.


  • Stay at the Hutan Subur Project site in the Sumatran Rainforest, among this region’s fantastic native flora and fauna.
  • Work with local teachers and volunteers in CareSumatra after-school programs
  • Promote reading amongst children in the area surrounding our project site
  • Support and develop local writers
  • Develop strategies for the engagement of locals to begin reading.


  • Maintain inventory of books.
  • Collect books through donations.
  • Run reading events at Jungle School and Sunshine Class facilities
  • Develop plans for the expansion of the library service within our local community
  • Create opportunities for students to have a place to read