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Online Volunteer roles


We are seeking a volunteer who is able to help out from anywhere in the world with this online role. We are seeking to promote our guest house accommodation, volunteer roles, donation opportunities and generally reaching a larger audience through our content. We have staff who post regularly on social media and we have a number of staff on the ground who are able to send pictures to assist with creating promotional materials, however knowledge of marketing and promotion amongst our current volunteers is limited which is why we need your help! This role is flexible to work in with your schedule and you have the support of the founders of Hutan Subur, the social media manager based in Bali and the staff of the guest house.

All funds that are collected through donations, on-site volunteers, and guests go directly to our programs which include education, waste management, and conservation.

Want to know more about what we do? Browse through this website or contact us by clicking on the link below and choosing your method of contact.