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Lush Holiday Packages

Orangutan Trek

2 Days and 3 Nights Jungle accommodation

USD 140/2.1 Million IDR

Take a scooter from Bukit Lawang to Hutan Subur Guest House right on the border of the National Park. After staying here amongst the jungle and wildlife, start your trek into the jungle in search of Orangutans and many other native flora and fauna. Stay in the jungle for one night, after which you can travel back to Hutan Subur for a warm shower and a comfortable night on the border of the park before departing back to Bukit Lawang.

Price includes:

  • Transport from Bukit Lawang to Hutan Subur and return
  • 2 days and one night trek into the National Park
  • 2 nights at Hutan Subur guest house in the 4 bed dorm room
  • Your meals while you are staying at Hutan Subur

Contact us to book

OR Book online:

Lock in your dates – for 2 nights (your 2nd is in the jungle)

Eg, 1st Oct (HS booking) 2nd (jungle and 3rd (hutan Subur)

The total will be US $140

Extras – (Purchase during your stay)

Prices are subject to change

ServicePrice (AU$)Price (US$)Price (IDR)
Scooter Trip to Bukit Lawang and Back$15$10150k
Up to 7 days WIFI for Dorm / Retreat users – (Included free in Guest Room)$20$13.50200k
Meals (as per menu)From $7From $4.7From 70k
Shopping / Delivery Charge$7$570k
Express Laundry Service (per kilogram) + Delivery Charge$15k (IDR)$15k (IDR)$15k
24hrs Laundry Service (per kilogram) + Delivery Charge$7k (IDR)$7k (IDR)$7k
Standard 2-day Laundry Service (up to 7 kilograms) + Delivery Charge$24k (IDR)$24k (IDR)$24k
Shoe Cleaning + Delivery Charge25k (IDR)25k (IDR)25k
Dry Cleaning (prices on request)
Services are Available during your stay.