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Lush Holiday Package

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*This package should be purchased with Five dates/nights of your choosing in our guest room.

The Lush Jungle Package gets you to Hutan Subur worry-free! We’ll pick you up at the Airport, show you around Medan, and bring you to the beautiful Sumatran Jungle. This basic 5-day itinerary can be extended with extra activities via our partner’s Sumatra Adventure Holidays. Your holiday is also good for the Jungle and the locals; you’ll be helping us fight off Palm Oil, feeding our local orangutan and giving locals work outside Palm Oil.

*This package should be purchased with Five dates/nights of your choosing in our guest room.
Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with the Lush Jungle Package! This worry-free package is designed to take you on an amazing journey through the breathtaking Hutan Subur and beyond.

We’ll start by picking you up from the airport and showing you around the vibrant city of Medan. Then, it’s time to dive into the lush greenery of the Sumatran Jungle, where you’ll be surrounded by stunning vistas and exotic wildlife.

Our basic 5-day itinerary is just the beginning – you can easily extend your trip with exciting activities offered by our partner Sumatra Adventure Holidays. Think trekking through the jungle, visiting traditional villages, or even spotting rare animals like Sumatran tigers and elephants.

But your holiday isn’t just about you – it’s also about positively impacting the environment and local communities. By choosing our package, you’ll join the fight against the destructive palm oil industry, support our efforts to feed and protect local orangutans, and provide jobs for locals outside the palm oil industry.

1 review for Lush Holiday Package

  1. Karl-Heinz Schradt

    Adhe was an excellent driver, and took us to all the places we wanted. We wanted a a lot of snacks and food on the way. The drive to Bukit Lawang is pretty cool, rice farms, cows, chickens and palm oil :(…. The Ride into the Jungle was an adventure… Eddie was my driver…. he’s a pro, I didn’t think we could make that significant slope, but we did. There was a crazy bridge over the river too! They put my big bag on another scooter, so that wasn’t a problem. The guest house is so awesome! The garden and nusery is cool, the river is beautiful and I saw so many monkeys and those big orange ones too! I loved the peace and quiet out here!

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